• Location Baku/AZ
  • Date 2012
  • Scale 50.000m2

Azadlıq Avenue

The project for the 2 kilometer long street, which is the main arterial road of the Bineqadi neighborhood, the maintenance of which was neglected for long years in Azerbaijan, is the first and only urban transformation project in this country. It is a giant urban design project in which every aspect including all governmental structures and recreational areas in the peripheral were analyzed, also taking the vehicle traffic and the demographic traffic within the area of influence of the street into consideration. 6 oblique parking were designed in the project in which different signalization, intersection and vehicle flow solutions were implemented. The pedestrian axis designed throughout the street is 200 and the cycle lane is 200 cm. The design, which was completed by giving a different identity to all areas, contains 400.000 meters square of green space, 43.000 meters square of hard scape and 50.000 meters square of asphalted space.