• Location İstanbul/TR
  • Date 2010
  • Scale 890m2

Tekfen Bomonti Apartments

This is the first LEED certificated residence project in Turkey and was designed by DB Architects. In the project, an approach that becomes one with the texture of the city center and street life is adopted. The low-rise buildings integrated with the street life are positioned in a way that is respectful to the existing texture of the district and the neighborhood tradition extending from the past to our day. The architectural philosophy of the Bomonti Buildings is founded on a harmonious change and this foundation is shaped by the city alignments, yards, streets and living spaces of Bomonti formed over the years. The trees coming out of the water located inside a water mirror in a manner that emphasizes the existence of tress display the main characteristic in the yard in terms of vegetation.

*Project design by LAL Design, construction by Yeşilvadi Nursery.