• Location İstanbul/TR
  • Date 2005
  • Scale 34250m2

Evidea Housing

Evidea, which is a project by Emre Arolat, Nevzat Sayın and İhsan Bilgili, is the first landscape project in Turkey designed with the “Modern Hortus Conclusus” approach. The internal yard that is enclosed and where crops are raised, surrounded by the residential blocks, has a landscape designed with the idea that the residents will spend all their lives here.

The Evidea Residences constructed in Çekmeköy, one of the regions of Istanbul that have recently been zoned for construction and is rapidly developing, and in an environment where there are new residential structures and potential residential areas, was handled with an arrangement that is different than the conventional housings rather than on a parcel scale. The large space in the middle of the residential blocks has been turned into an uninterrupted internal space with special space in the peripherals and common spaces in the lowered mid-section. The project sitting on a land of 34 decares has been shaped with a holistic mass structure that encloses itself.