• Location Baku/AZ
  • Date 2015
  • Scale 80.000m2

‘Qalaaltı Hotel & Spa’

The project, which is a modernized version of a hot spring facility of a high altitude of 800 meters with its healing waters of the regional fame in Baku, is primarily a center of healing and secondarily a center of tourism. Within this scope, the project is evaluated as of a higher segment than a tourism structure.

The landscape project of Qalaaltı Hotel & Spa center, which is spread over a site of hectares, was designed as a garden that can answer the needs of the users, taking into consideration that people who come as a result of their complaints question themselves and meditate during their process of benefiting from the healing capabilities. More than ten micro sites located at different spots of the garden were designed for this need. The site is defined by its activity areas such as outdoor sports and fitness, biological pond, spa, thematic gardens consisting of different perennials and the endemic hornbeam forest shore completely surrounding the stream and its proximity.

Biological measures were taken against any pests coming from this fauna that can harm the new landscape environment and a full success was achieved with a bacteria that only fights caterpillars and other pests and harms no other living creatures.